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Nationals Results 2018

GUSPRC Competitors, Lincoln & Coaches along with Trinity Competitors, Andrej and his Team returned SIRC in March 2018 for the National Championships.

The link to view the full results of the National Rowing Championships is available here

GUSPRC had 33 Entries and 22 Competitors. Overall summary of GUSPRC Results as follows: -

Club Ranking: 7th overall, 1 place above UQ with 6 gold, 5 silver, 3 bronze


MU19 1x: Cormac Kennedy-Leveritt

WU19 2-: Jess Scott & Leukie Smith

WU19 4- : Leukie Smith , Jess Scott , Hillary Ballinger

WU19 8+ : Leukie Smith , Jess Scott , Hillary Ballinger

MU21 2x : Cormac Kennedy-Levitt & Jackson Free

MU23 4x : Cormac Kennedy-Levitt & Jackson Free


WU21 4+ : Sophie Rice , Ella Cossill , Jane Perringnon , Ally Finlay, Lachie McTaggart

WU19 2- : Hillary Ballinger

IWY8+ : Ally Finlay , Leukie Smith , Jess Scott , Hillary Ballinger

IMY8+ : Cormac Kennedy-Levitt & Jackson Free

IWL4x : Gemma Dane


MU21 1x : Jackson Free

WL2x : Gemma Dane

W8+ : Hedda Cooper

Images courtesy of GUSPRC Facebook/Sherelle Bitzios

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