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GUSPRC Uni Rowing Update

Uni rowing is back in action for 2018! Over March and April our student coaches have been teaching eager new students the fundamentals of rowing in the university learn to row program.

We’re excited to have 5 new members joining the existing team next week, and ready to welcome more next trimester as many have expressed interest to continue rowing.

Our existing members have been getting used to early mornings and building their skills back up for important later regattas such as University Nationals, Head of The Yarra and beating UQ at The Paradise Regatta.

While we’ve all been on break there has been some amazing efforts by our members Jackson, Ella and Monique who have had some incredible results at the Australian National Championships, motivating us all for the year to come.

For now, we have our sights set on competing in local events such as the Head of The Tweed.

The club has an exciting year ahead the current 41 members having the opportunity to make friends and build strong team bonds with upcoming social event throughout the year. We’re looking forward to what the rest of 2018 has to offer.

Image above is the GUSPRC Uni Rowing Executive committee for 2018 season.

President - James Harcombe, Secretary - Mackenzie Close, Treasurer - Louis North, Guild Liaison - Taneille Wilshire.

Images below include two of our Uni Rowers, Ella and Jackson, at the Australian Rowing Championships in Sydney