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Queensland State Championship Results 2018

GUSPRC had 54 Entries and 31 Competitors entered into this year's Queens;land State Championships held at Lake Wyarolong in January 2018.

Overall Summary of results was 9 gold, 10 silver, 6 bronze

Individual Results detailed below. We congratulate all Competitors and their Coaches.


MU21 1x: Cormac Kennedy-Levitt

WU21 2- : Jess Scott & Leukie Smith

WU19 2- : Jess Scott & Leukie Smith

W2- : Nicole Constable

WU21 4x: Ally Finlay

MU19 1x: Lachlan Swan

MU21 2x : Cormac Kennedy-Levitt & Jackson Free

W8+: Hedda Cooper

W4-: Hedda Cooper


WL 1x: Gemma Dane

W2x: Hedda Cooper & Gemma Dane

WU17 4+: Amy Taylor

MU21 2- : Cormac Kennedy-Levitt & Jackson Free

W1x : Hedda Cooper

WU174x+: Amanda Harcombe, Olivia Georgiopoulos ,Amy Taylor , Dayna Gosper

MU194x: Lachlan Swan, Jack Bowser, Ben Simms , Nick Lockhart

WL2x : Gemma Dane & Sophie Rice

MU19 2x : Lachlan Swan , Jack Bowser

W4x : Hedda Cooper , Gemma Dane , Nicole Constable


MU21 1x Jackson Free

WU21 2- : Ally Finlay

MU19 1x: Jack Bowser

WU17 2x: Amanda Harcombe

MU21 2x: Lachlan Swan & Jack Bowser

WU198+ : Jess Scott, Leukie Smith, Sophie Rice, Monique Bitzios, Matilda Amour

Images courtesy of GUSPRC Facebook/Cathy Evatt-Davey

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